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Manquehue Hill in Santiago with your dogs

Actualizado: 15 ene 2023

Manquehue hill

Santiago is a nice city to go hiking, but not all the places have the same access to you and your dogs. Manquehue hill is the biggest hill nearby, and it's fine to take your friends with you!

The top of the hill is around 1700 m over sea level(Santiago is 600). There are 3 different good accesses:

-from los trapenses(camino el golf), easiest access.

-from piedra roja(lo curro), not that easy, but still feasible

-from saint george school(longest, toughest) you will need at least 5 hours if you make it from this entrance.


All the images from this post are from the first option.

You will need 2 hours to go up and 1 to go down if you and your dogs are used to hike.

Bring enough water(think of 1 lt per person/dog).


The landscape is beautiful and walk ok when the andes is snowy and wether cold.

There's a lot of people hiking during weekends, so prefer early morning, before 10 amto start.

No entrance fees are needed and if you arrive early, you will be able to take your dogs freely.

Anyone can make it, but you will need the patience and time to stop every once in a while if you are planning your hike with kids.

If you have a pair of walking sticks and appropiate shoes, it will make a difference, don't leave them!

Here's the summary of my hike with my TomTom watch if you want to taste it:

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