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In order of arrival at our home: Popeye, Merkén, Juani, Nachito, OnTuán, Yuki,  Benito and Ako.
Humans: Charles, Angeles, Raúl.

In mid-2016 we planned a trip along the Carretera Austral to the south of Chile, and we wanted to travel with the whole family. After several months, we are leaving on February 1, 2017!!! But we were only able to take 2 of our, then, 6 puppies.


So, can you travel with dogs in Chile?
Yes, you can when you are willing to sacrifice in terms of human comforts. If your puppy is a medium or large breed, the complications may be greater, but you can always take a walk.

The solution to most of the inconveniences are part of the vcp blogto travel with  dogs. We are so motivated, that we have started to set up boarding sites with puppy benefits ourselves. We already have our first base in Santiago (Las Condes).

Viajar con Perros Chile


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